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for the boys

Traditionally, a wedding is all about the bride, right? Wrong. It's about the guys too! Guys love a good party, they like to look good, smell nice, have fun...

This directory is for boys. We promise to find cool stuff, great suits, real leather shoes, artisan brews - anything we can to make your wedding, romance or event rock!


Wedding floristry to me is not just about flowers, it is matching the most beautiful blooms with every little aspect and detail that you have already chosen for your wedding day. This includes creating the perfect buttonhole for you and your groomsmen that go with the style and theme of your wedding. It is about telling a unique story of who you are as a couple. I bring a lifetime of experience encompassing design, styling and floristry to help you create a beautiful wedding day for your family, friends and guests.


Working closely with couples to design and create floral arrangements that not only look incredible but also reflect who they are as a couple is one of my favourite things. Having such a love of all things floral and having no specific 'look' as I adore them all leaves open so many options on what to choose for your special day.  


Take a tour of the Cardrona Distillery and learn about the entire spirit making process, from grain to glass. An ideal activity for your stag do or event, our distillery tours take approximately 75 minutes and you will discover the secrets to Cardrona's artisan spirits, starting with our water source, malted barley, and water.  You will see where the malt is milled, mashed, fermented and distilled and matured before tasting the wares with a tutored spirit tasting of Cardrona spirits.

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