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for the boys

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J.D Salinger

Guys, we think you're awesome!

You've made it here - not only to the wedding of your dreams to the girl you want to wake up next to for the rest of your life - cue feminine sighs - but you've also found your way here - to Silk & Honey, and we applaud you!

Because, let's be honest - weddings should be FUN for you too. There's the stag do - c'mon, who's not looking forward to that?! There's hanging with the lads, getting those buggers who moved overseas to get their asses back home for your wedding day, and there's getting to see the joy on your beloved's face as you wait at the end of the aisle - all pretty cool stuff.

So whether you're a good old country boy, a tailored suit-donning metro, or just a bloke in love with a darn fine woman or man, this is a magazine for you.

We'll be updating and filling this space with awesome stories about ultimate stags, boys toys, man-scaping, everything we can think of to make your wedding, romance or event awesome.

The glint of a blade, of sharp, cool steel, as it dances across your throat...

No, this is not a Pirates of the Caribbean interactive theme park - its a traditional, honest-to-goodness cut throat shave - and at Ali Baba's in Wanaka, New Zealand, they're damn handy with a blade.

Being a girl, (I'm not going to lie to you on our first meeting, I am female!), I was so impressed with these artisans of stubble, I wanted to get one myself! Alas, this kind of treat is not for us chicks - but boys, it's definitely something every good bloke should try.

Sometimes the idea of a Stag Do that involves a gorilla costume, jagermeister grenades, duct tape and ladies of the night, doesn't appeal - especially if you and your betrothed have opted for a destination wedding and the big day is tomorrow!

We've come up with a pretty casual, but ultimately awesome idea for the perfect Wanaka or Queenstown based stag event that we think suits any discerning chap.

Oh, yeah, it involves helicopters...and whisky - see, that got your attention!