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stags in wanaka

“I like being able to be a man.”

                           Anson Mount

The traditional Stag with its bawdy themes and precarious pranks (I once knew a guy whose best man was a pilot - he and the groomsmen got the groom so plastered he passed out and woke up in Melbourne - the wedding was in Dunedin...the next day...) are a bit like the good old socks and sandals combo - uncool. 

Guys have finally realised (or admitted) that getting married doesn't mean the fun is is, in fact, the beginning of a whole new, incredible adventure.


Instead of gathering around the groom armed with yard glasses, Jagermeister, a gorilla costume, and duct tape, lads are planning epic fishing expeditions, rock climbing adventures, sailing lessons...the options are endless.


In Wanaka, New Zealand, the perfect Stag Do involves a spot of morning heli-biking, afternoon whisky tasting, topped off with pizza and local artisan beers on a stunning alpine lakefront. 


Now, doesn't that sound better than cheap strippers and a hangover??

Here's how Wanaka Bike Tours, Cardrona Distillery, Ground Up Brewing and Structure for Men do Stag's in Wanaka, New Zealand. Take it away, boys...

when in wanaka...