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gift registries & gorgeous gifts

My mother still treasures her silverware she received on her wedding day from her great grandmother. She even takes it out and polishes it every wedding anniversary - even though she's no longer married to my father. It's sentimental, a reminder of that day, that incredibly special day she'd been dreaming of since she was a little girl. 

Oh, the presents she would get! She had been filling her Hope Chest for years, since she was 12. But her wedding day would bring so many wonderful items she would use to decorate and modernise her new home with her new husband. 

How times have changed! Do impending brides and grooms still look forward to a week long event of opening gifts as part of their wedding experience? Or, like most weddings I've been to lately, is their friends and families presence all the presents they need?

The really cool thing about weddings these days is the inventive, imaginative and perfectly AWESOME gifts and gift registries ideas that are changing the way we give to our beloved wedded friends.

What about a stunning, unique piece of art they can choose themselves...

Or put together a friendship collective and get them something super cool for their home - like a Wilson Dorset Shaggy Bag - OH YEAH! 

Or give the gift of giving itself and donate in their name to their favourite charity or cause...

The options these days are endless - you don't have to worry about how many toasters they'll get - just take a look below at some of the amazing options out there.


For the modern couple looking for something special to remember their wedding day by, gallery 33 offers an art registry as an exciting and unique way to start or add to an art collection. Through our registry service, your guests can either contribute to your choice of artwork or towards an open registry where you can choose your artwork at a later date. Art is personal, unique and timeless and is the gift that keeps on giving. Our dedicated and professional art consultants can advise and assist you in finding the right artwork that resonates with you as a couple. Please contact the team at gallery 33 today to get started or for more information.

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