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the honeymoon

Planning a wedding is one thing...planning and deciding where to honeymoon is another. So let's ask first off, what is a honeymoon for these days? 

It used to be a time where newly-weds got to know each other on an intimate level. Where they were able to see how they responded to each other on a daily basis. Just like any honeymoon period in any relationship, the honeymoon was a time where the couple could enjoy each other before 'reality' sank in.

These days, does a honeymoon mean the same thing? Or is it just an excuse for a kick-ass holiday? 

Whatever it means to you - a honeymoon is sacred. Whether you've been together, living together, have had 7 children together, your honeymoon is your time as a couple to focus on each other, to celebrate and rejoice in your love, and to set a beautiful precedent for moving forward as marrieds. 

Welcome to the Honeymoon.


When I'm travelling, I want to make sure I'm covered with reliable, honest travel insurance! Do NOT ask me about my experience in Bangkok! ​

The truth is - shit happens! So if there's even the slightest possibility it might hit that fan, I want peace of mind that we'll be well-taken care of...Especially on my honeymoon! 

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