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secret and special locations

“A place belongs forever to whoever claims it hardest, remembers it most obsessively, wrenches it from itself, shapes it, renders it, loves it so radically that he remakes it in his own image.”

                            Joan Didion

This quote from Joan Didion, an American cultural novelist, really captures what a place means to me. I admit to falling in love with places - St Bathans, Wanaka, Paradise in Glenorchy, Koh Samet, New York and the Mozambique - so much so I find myself yearning deeply for them, even if I've never been there! The romantic ideal of a certain location on this beautiful planet meaning something more than just being a gathering of rocks, trees and water. 

A place carries memories. The smell of it, the feel of the foliage or the tundra, the way the sun glances off the snow, the water, the green leaves. 

I think this is why choosing a location for your wedding, wedding photos, or event is such a big deal. Because you know, as a woman - and maybe guys too, I can't speak for you ; ) - I know what places mean to me. 

That's why we have decided at Silk & Honey to let you in on a few secret (ish) locations in the stunning South Island of New Zealand. This is our stomping ground. I have personally seen more of my own country than any other and am proud of that fact! I also love adventures and go out of my way to discover new places to love and cherish.

There is a catch - and we think it's a fabulous one - we're not going to tell you exactly where they are! Nope. We're going to leave the discovery up to you.

You can get in touch with the person, place or company we used to find these amazing spots - or you can take an adventurous approach and seek them out yourself! And who knows what you might find on this journey of discovery - you might just find your perfect place!


With views that stretch across the Queenstown Lakes district, Central Otago and all the way to Mt Cook, this incredible location is a quick helicopter ride from Cromwell.

The photo opportunities are endless, in line with the views that seem to encompass the entire world! Cragged rock faces jut from pure white snow creating an evocative, intriguing, and ultimately amazing backdrop for your wedding, engagement, or anniversary photos.

To find out where this stunning location is click on the handsome photographer in the image above! He'll let you in on the secret!