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“A broad and ample road, whose dust is gold,
And pavement stars—as starts to thee appear
Soon in the galaxy, that milky way
Which mightly as a circling zone thou seest
Powder'd with stars.” 
                            John Milton, Paradise Lost


Few words need to be spoken regarding the beauty and majesty of Paradise. It captured my heart and imagination long ago, a good twenty or so years ago now. When I first ventured down that long and winding road through native forest and pebbled beachfront, past sheer drops down to indigo water and rocky cliffs of schist, I knew I had come home in some way. It wasn't until much later I learned by grandfather had been born here, his father one of the sturdy scheelite miners who mined the precious ore from deep within the mountains. 

Finding this styled shoot by the imaginative enchantress, Stacey from Colour Me Happy and Rich Bayley, a master of morning light, was a purely magical gift. I simply love it.

Together, with gorgeous model, Kimmie, have captured the elemental beauty, the otherworldly wonder of this untouched Eden - Paradise.