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wedding photographers

They capture all those moments you want to relive forever - your wedding. The way you looked, how he or she looked at you, your father's tears, the runaway flower many moments to love and laugh over the rest of your lives together.

So choose well. What's your style? What's your personality? What kind of imagery do you want? What's your love story?

The right photographer understands these things and captures your wedding the way you always dreamed it would be.

There are some truly amazing photographers who shoot weddings and events in the South Island of New Zealand - you just have to find the right one!

Good luck!


Bel has travelled the world capturing the most beautiful moments from masquerade balls in Venice to yawning lion cubs in the Okavango Delta in Africa. Based in Wanaka, Bel is happy to travel to wherever her couples need her to be and she really is one of the most intrepid photographers I have met! Working with Bel is so easy, she knows what to capture without direction, and her images always, always, WOW everyone, without fail! 


Honest, un-scripted & adventurous, Mickey Ross is based in Wanaka & Queenstown. His natural talent is absolute and he loves capturing unique and interesting photos that show the fun, quiet and emotional moments that happen during a wedding day. He is amazing to work with and his images tell a beautiful, honest, and very real story, while looking like a fairytale.


Ruth from Fluid Photo is one of those photographers, indeed people, who make you feel immediately like family. She consistently goes above and beyond and is an award winning photographer! Her creativity is second to none and I have worked with her on some really incredible styled shoots and been so happy with the images! She's also a really cool chick!


I'm Kat, and I'm a wedding photographer. Weddings | Anniversaries | Bridal Boudoir

I love celebrating love, the joining of two families, the excitement, the anticipation, and the joy. 

Elopements, small weddings, big weddings, if it's a wedding, it's my jam!


I LOVE working with Alpine Images Company! Anna Allan is so experienced, she and her team know the Wanaka, Queenstown regions like the proverbial back of their hands, and it shows! They know where the best light is going to be - almost like fortune tellers. And Anna is a hoot, while at the same time so professional and she just makes every person involved in the wedding as if she's known them forever.


Nina is so fun and lovely, she's just a great person to work with and have at your wedding. She has lived in the regions of Wanaka, Queenstown and Glenorchy for quite some time and loves everything about this beautiful area. She also knows it well! She specialises in weddings, pre and post engagement and weddings and proposals.


In her own words, "Choosing a wedding photographer is kind of like picking a soul mate - you have to want them around on the biggest day of your life!" I love this - and it's so true! And Kate really is one of those people you want on your big day. She makes you feel so comfortable, pulling faces to get that perfect laugh, that awesome natural smile, making you feel totally okay about crying and laughing all at the same time - Kate is a darling who will give you the best memories in image of your special day.


This is the real deal, that once in a life time kind of stuff. You should pick someone to capture your wedding that knows what you're about, what parts of your day you want to remember, and how to make it awesome the whole way through. I'd love to be given the chance to photograph your wedding, and maybe even join you on the dance floor at the end of the night! No matter the size, if it's just the two of you or 100 of your closest friends, I would be stoked to be given the opportunity to tag along.


Award winning photographer Lisa Davidson is based in the beautiful Central Otago. She spends most of her summer months photographing amazing weddings throughout Queenstown, Wanaka, Cromwell, Alexandra and further afield. She really knows the importance of capturing those truly special moments. Lisa’s style is relaxed and unobtrusive, but gives direction when needed to enable amazing photographs to be captured. She's been in the industry long enough to know the important photographs that need to be taken, and is forever learning and striving to be better than her best!


I believe photos say so much more than words. They can bring back certain moments and evoke feelings. Like how the sun felt on your shoulders, how it sounded to listen to the wind whistling through the trees, how you felt in his arms, or how she smelled when you kissed her neck. A series of photos can tell the most beautiful story. I aspire to capture those moments that help to tell your love story.


Harriet lives and shoots weddings and fine art photography in Christchurch. She is happy to travel all over the South Island - or even the world! She's amazing with the finer details and is one of the nicest gals I have ever met. She loves to capture the true essence of her couples on their big day, those moments where you can just see the love flowing and the future glowing!


The foundation of my philosophy is people & relationships. Building a lasting relationship with my couples and families I work with is essential to me and just as important as capturing their true personalities. My imagery is described as authentic, honest, beautiful and connected. I love to portray relationships in a meaningful, fun and timeless manner. Usually I capture your story as it unfolds; however, I will give directions to be able to preserve beautiful portraits, for example for wall art.


For me a wedding day should be about enjoying what you have spent so much time planning, it should be enjoying having all of you family and friends together in one place and it should be a day focussed on celebrating the fact you have found somebody you want to spend a life time with.

I like to keep things very relaxed when I am shooting a wedding. I let the day flow as it should without trying to control anything. I want to capture what is actually happening, not what I have staged. I like to get the tears, the laughs, the kids, family interaction and the inevitable hiccups that are bound to happen.


Thank you for considering me for your day,


I take a documentary style approach, honest and real. With little to no staged shots.


I do my best to capture the “feeling” of the day to tell your story to share with friends, family and to relive a day that seems to go far to quick. I love to capture the little moments that are often missed.  


It’s an investment choosing a videographer, so have a look at more examples of my work and we can go from there.


Olivia is a professional photographer based in Wanaka and operates commercially as IMAGE Photography & Design throughout New Zealand.

Olivia gained a Diploma in Digital Imaging in 2005 and a Diploma in Professional Photography in 2007. Since then she has owned her own business and worked for two of the best photographic companies in Australia. Specialising in many genres of photography, Olivia has gained a reputable name for her ability to understand people and light. She creates ageless images, and the artwork is made to stand the test of time to be passed on for generations to come.

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