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Our very first Real Wedding couple, Terra and Milu, embody why we believe marriage is still a sacred, special, and ultimately spiritual connection. Talking to them in person, seeing the way they look at each other, and share telling their story, well, it was pretty darn sweet! 

Not only are they both amazing people, they share an amazing bond, which makes everyone around them (me at least!) yearn for that kind of love. 

We hope you love their beautiful wedding as much as we do - and the really cool thing about their wedding - they did everything themselves! Check out the very bottom of the page for proof of the outstanding creative skill of this gorgeous young couple from Wanaka.

They met in Queenstown. Terra, on a working holiday from Canada, met Milu through friends at her job. In a town built on adventure, Terra and Milu began the adventure of their lives together.

It's a truly beautiful thing when two souls connect as one, with honesty, openness and love and it's so clear to us that Terra and Milu's commitment to each other, to their relationship and to the world is one of total purity and joy.


Their willingness to trust, explore, realign with each other and the earth, to remain true to themselves, how they want to be as a couple, as individuals, and as global citizens, is admirable, inspiring, and downright gushy! Their love is all about acceptance, trust, willingness and support. Awwwww!

Two and a half years into their rather untraditional relationship, Milu surprised Terra with a totally traditional moment - one that required him to take a knee...

Fast forward another two and a half years and Terra was walking down a grassy aisle, flanked by her father and brother, to join with Milu in marriage. But to get to that moment is the part of the story we're most impressed with.

They designed, planned, built and gathered everything - everything - themselves. With the help and support of family and friends, Milu and Terra's wedding was a DIY masterpiece! 

"We didn't want anything that didn't apply to us or have meaning." 

They built their own tables and benches, hand bevelling, sanding, whitewashing, everything! Flowers - grown over time and gathered fresh on the morning of the wedding by Terra's beautiful besties and bridesmaids. The oven in their gorgeous small home in Wanaka worked overtime as they baked their own wedding feast. This wedding was personal, a deep and abiding reflection of the beautiful souls involved. 

Connection. Love. Fun. 

A cohesive representation of two beings coming together and joining families and friends in a celebration of love, life, and laughter. 

It doesn't get any more real than this. 

We asked Terra and Milu a few questions about their big day and what was most important to them. Their answers are so beautiful, we've included them here:

What was most important thing to get right on your wedding day?

Having heart. It's all about love. We tried greatly to do things with loving intention. We wanted to create a day for the people we love to enjoy along side us.

What was the best thing about the whole day – that really stands out in your minds?

We agree the ceremony, standing under the branches of a big walnut tree, hand in hand, eye to eye, heart to heart. Being present and soaking up the moment. As well at dinner looking out from the head table and seeing all of our friends and family from all over, mixed together, sharing a meal. They have all supported us and contributed to us getting to where we are now, so that was pretty sentimental.

Is there anything specific that meant the world to you on the day?

So many things, but the degree that our friends and family pulled together to make our day amazing! Everything from setting up a piano in a lavender field, sanding benches and tables for days, to building flower arrangements, to our Aunty catering two weeks after brain surgery, having cousins play music and sing while Terra walked down the isle. Beautiful Speeches. Endless amounts of support, help and willingness. Traveling far and wide from Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand to be with us. The whole thing meant the world to us.

Terra, Milu, thank you so much for sharing your incredibly inspiring wedding with us. you are truly worthy of being our first Silk & Honey Real Wedding!

Yep, they even handmade this amazing tipi! Terra was sewing the canvas on their back lawn and Milu and friends sourced the gorgeous Manuka branch poles from around Wanaka. 

All Milu and Terra's stunning wedding accessories and furniture are available for hire through their new company,


Ivy & Lace Hire Co.