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s&h creative

The Silk & Honey team love creating unique, beautiful, fun styled events, photo shoots and content for our digital magazine. So much so that we've been asked to support businesses within the industry with their content. 




Specialising in Intuitive Creativity, we help you tell your authentic story through your web content, social media, styled shoots for blogs, advertising, and print media.


Intuitive Connectivity means understanding your core purpose, identifying the audience who needs you, and knowing how to reach them.


By tapping into your intuition, listening to the heart story of your business and clearly defining your true purpose, S&H Creative helps you identify, connect with, and engage your audience authentically. 


We understand how your business relates to the world as a whole - digitally, communally, and naturally - and communicating this to your market gives them a better sense of knowing you, trusting you, believing in you. 


We've developed an Insight Programme that reminds you why you started your business, where you want it to go, and how it looks in the future. This programme delves into the core values, key purpose, and meaningful success of your company and helps you realign, if necessary, with your authentic business identity.

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Our team specialises in genuine content - whether that be words, imagery, video - anything that constitutes content, we are the experts in this industry.

We adore creating the perfect content for your company that truly reflects who you are as a business and a person - because we know that in an industry that is still heavily reliant on word of mouth referrals, testimonials, and industry collaboration, your content is you.

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Website analysis is exactly that - we take a look at how your website is performing online using the same tools and platforms we use to ensure Silk & Honey is performing well.

But there's more to a website than metrics.

Our analysis takes into consideration style, imagery, ambience, feeling, structure, ease of use, visual harmony, and much more. 

it's not enough to just be found - your site needs to engage, entrance, and entice visitors to fall in love with your services or product. We can help!

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Whether you just want to make changes on a site built on a platform such as Wix, Wordpress, Squarespace, Silver Stream, etc, or you need a brand new site built from scratch, S&H Creative can guide, support, teach and build it with or for you.

How much you want to be involved is up to you! We can build it for you in its entirety and then maintain it - or we can teach you how to maintain, make changes, and update your site yourself. 

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What a fantastic industry for Social Media magic! Weddings, romance and events are so visual, fun, gorgeous, and popular, so creating a Social Media Strategy is vital to ensure your business is being seen in the right way, by the right people, at the right time.

Platforms that work well include Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and a few newbies S&H Creative feel will start to make their mark, such as Steller and Periscope.

S&H Creative works with you to ensure your authentic voice and core values are coming through in your social media posts and can set up any platform for you and give you a strategy to maintain a stunning, regular visual presence online.

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We LOVE collaborating with amazing creatives in the industry all over the South Island to come up with unique, fresh, and incredible styled shoots to promote weddings, romantic settings and events. 

S&H Creative have worked with some of the best influencers in the Southern Hemisphere and have a wealth of connections, ideas, and knowledge on creating a styled shoot that will appeal and engage your perfect audience.

Gathering a dream-team of like-minded professionals, we can either manage and direct your styled shoot, or simply be part of your awesome team in a consultancy capacity.

We can also help get your shoot published on top blogs and digital magazines as well as print in New Zealand and Australia.

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S&H Creative's founder has been in the media industry for several years and has had work published in NZ Bride & Groom, My Weddings, Magnolia Rouge, Modern Weddings Australia, Cosmopolitan Bride, Style me Pretty, White Magazine, and more.

Utilising her skills and connections we can design and implement your Media Strategy.

Your Media Strategy might include print articles, advertising, blog stories, and collaborative industry articles. The S&H Creative team is committed to ensuring your stories are told, and told beautifully!

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