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sanctuary day spa


"It's not selfish to LOVE yourself,

take CARE of yourself 


make yourself HAPPY - 


          Mandy Hale

Sometimes it feels as though the whole world is on fast forward, as if someone pushed the speed-play button and we're all rushing around at a frantic pace, trying to keep up with everything we're 'supposed' to do.

Every day is busy, busy, busy, and every single one of my darling girlfriends is the same! Trying to organise a girls get together for a relaxing cup of tea or a glass of Pinot Noir, or a Friday night cocktail, is like trying to herd cats - practically impossible.

So when one of our girl-gang was getting married, it was the perfect time to organise something really special - and we went ALL out!

Wanaka, New Zealand is, in itself, a sanctuary from the rest of the world. 

Surrounded by the unimaginably beautiful Southern Alps and flanked by the crystal blue waters of Lake Wanaka, the town is a tranquil paradise - the ideal place to get married, take a break, have a girls weekend, or a romantic getaway.

We stayed at Oakridge in a fantastic 3-bdrm apartment -  it was like sleepovers all over again! Amazing!

On the morning of the wedding we walked from our apartment, past the stunning hot pools in the private rockery garden, to Sanctuary Day Spa, Wanaka's original premier day spa and beauty therapy specialists.

The entire experience had been organised for us. We all jumped in the spa pools first. I've had beauty treatments before - who hasn't if we're honest - but to soak in a hot pool surrounded by lush vegetation and stone, what a difference. 

We were treated to a platter - the perfect combination of healthy goodies and treats - low on sugar and carbs, high on YUM! And of course, there were mimosa's! It was a wedding day after all!

After our spa, we donned special robes and were ushered into the Sanctuary.

Vanessa and her team were amazing. So fun and vibrant and excited right along with us. It really felt as though they were an extension of our friendship, part of the gang, and we laughed and chatted about everything - weddings, boys, jobs, kids, you name it - all while they were treating us to incredible massage, pedicures, manicures and facial treatments! talk about pampered!

i don't think I've felt that relaxed in years!

And then, they did our makeup for the big day. WOW! You know when you do your own makeup and you look in the mirror and you recognise yourself, but you  look just a little bit better? Well, having your makeup done by an experienced professional who understands the importance of letting your natural assets shine, is just mind blowing.

I looked like me - only so much better. My eyes sparkled, my skin glowed without shine - dewy perfection and flawless without looking caked! I looked like I wished I looked! I wanted to take the entire team home with me!

And our beautiful bestie bride? 

Absolutely breathtaking.

What an incredible experience, honestly. We couldn't have chosen a better way to start the big day for our best friend and for ourselves as well! Sanctuary Day Spa was so much more than a makeup salon or day spa - it was a place where we connected, slowed down, appreciated the moment, and were treated like treasured friends.

I know where I'm going when I get married - Vanessa, watch out - we'll be back! ; ) 


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