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Wedding Video New Zealand Wanaka Queenstown South Island

Telling the story, capturing the emotion, the drama, the love, passion, and hilarity of every moment - heartfelt stories that tell the tale of you. This is what a great wedding videographer does.

Creating a short film of your special day takes a special kind of imagination, one that has empathy, feeling, belief, trust and innovation. 

Whether you watch it a thousand times, or just the once, your wedding story should make you want to cry, laugh, and fall in love all over again. It's a certain kind of magic and require a certain kind of magician. We hope you'll find yours here.


Bel has travelled the world capturing the most beautiful moments from masquerade balls in Venice to yawning lion cubs in the Okavango Delta in Africa. Based in Wanaka, Bel is happy to travel to wherever her couples need her to be and she really is one of the most intrepid photographers I have met! Working with Bel is so easy, she knows what to capture without direction, and her images always, always, WOW everyone, without fail! 


Thank you for considering me for your day, I take a documentary-style approach, honest and real. With little to no staged shots.

I do my best to capture the “feeling” of the day to tell your story to share with friends, family and to relive a day that seems to go far too quick. I love to capture the little moments that are often missed. It’s an investment choosing a videographer, so have a look at more examples of my work and we can go from there. 



Surge media run is run by Sergey (Serge for short!). We provide premium wedding filmography services in the Central South Island, with favourite locations being Queenstown, Wanaka & Cromwell.

Serge has been a Queenstown local for 14 years after absolutely falling in love with the city on arrival. He has mixed his passion for his home, with his talents as a videographer and editor - with wedding filmography being the perfect marriage of both. 

His love for film started at the tender age of 16 after receiving a video camera, complete with clunky VHS tapes, as a gift from his father. To this day, it's the best present he's ever received. He took every opportunity to use his new set up, creating travel videos, practicing his editing and voice overs, until the hobby became the obvious career choice.  

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