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majestic mt cook

Our incredible experience began long before we arrived at the Hermitage Hotel at Mt Cook, New Zealand. 

The excitement, the exhilaration, knowing we would be married under the majesty and magnificence of New Zealand's highest peak truly reached a high as we drove the winding road to Mt Cook.


Everything you hear about New Zealand is true. 

The mountains are immense, utterly, heartbreakingly beautiful. The lakes are so clear and purely blue, they literally don't look real. But they are!

Lake Pukaki, as you drive towards Mt Cook, glimmers aquamarine in the sun shine, so clear we could see the pebbles far beneath the surface. Honestly, I felt so drawn to it, wanted to dive in, even though it was autumn in New Zealand, we were in the mountains, and the lakes around here are fed by glaciers! But the urge to become one with this amazing landscape is hard to resist...It's powerful, intoxicating, and we all felt it in an overwhelming sense of awe as we drew closer to our destination.

Arriving at The Hermitage Hotel, I was immediately stunned by the proximity to the highest mountain in New Zealand. Mt Cook stood proud and magnificent right in front of us, dwarfing all other mountains and the small settlement at its base. The Hermitage itself is an impressive building, melding with the environment, blending into the moraine and rocks in the lee of the valley.

We pulled up to the main entrance, easy to find, thank goodness, as we were so distracted by the beauty surrounding us! The grand, spacious, yet modern entrance, felt like part of the landscape with glass facades, stone and water features.


We were immediately made to feel welcome and were met by the events manager. She showed us around, made sure we had everything we needed, and then, obviously used to the stunned awe of the many travellers and guests drawn to this incredible place, laughed and led us to our rooms to rest and refresh. 

Everything was perfect.

Our rooms were impeccable and looked straight out across the valley to the great mountain itself. They were elegant and spacious - which was a good thing as they would be filled with makeup artists and hair dressers in the morning! Ok, only one of each, but it all feels like a bit of a production when it's your wedding day!

And I think this is what struck me the most - apart from the absolute gorgeousness of the setting, the views, everything - what stood out was how amazing the team at The Hermitage are. They know what they're doing, they made us feel welcomed, no, more than welcomed - they made us feel like special friends coming to stay.