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ideas & inspiration

Everyone needs a little inspiration when it comes to creating your perfect destination wedding or elopement and we are all about sourcing, finding, discovering, and creating amazingly beautiful styled shoots and real weddings to get your imagination going wild. 

From partners we LOVE to work with to styled shoots we've curated, this is where you will find a plethora of stunning images and stories about the wedding industry in New Zealand.

She wasn't looking for a knight, she was looking for a sword.



We are gentle creatures, we women. We are soft, smooth, loving, and kind. And yet the truth of our beauty shines like the sun on a sharpened sword when we are at our most fierce. When our inner power and courage beams from our eyes, quivers on our skin, sighs from our lips with every breath - that is when we are truly beautiful, truly ourselves.

At Silk & Honey, we celebrate REAL beauty. The TRUTH of beauty. The honest RAWNESS of the beauty of love. We wanted to create a tribute to the beauty that comes from the fierceness of woman, of love, and of we headed to The Catlins.

I saw the Sun and it seemed to me

as if I saw a glorious Goddess;

to her I Bowed

for one last time

in the world of men. 


This stunning styled shoot was inspired by the raw beauty of the Valkyrie - the wise and wild goddesses of Norse mythology.

Shot amid the serene beauty of a late autumn afternoon, we hope you enjoy the unique and rather special styling of this valiant team from Wanaka and Queenstown.

It's an industry steeped in tradition, religion, stigma, and expectation. So why do we still do it? Why get married? Didn't we burn our bra's in the 60's? Didn't we let our hair down and announce our independence? Didn't we start making our own money, decisions, family units? 

So why do we wed? Why spend thousands of dollars on a party, a dress, a selection of photo's that remind us forever of one day in our forever after? 

Good question Silk & Honey. Good question.

who inspires us

These are the magazines and blogs we personally love. We have worked with most of them and have loved every minute. They are a beautiful bunch of incredibly talented and passionate people who truly, madly, deeply love the wedding industry and make it even more gorgeous with their every issue!

and they lived happily ever after...